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Date: November 04, 2002 at 16:39:58
From: Peter A, []
Subject: Needlefish plugs???

I have been trying out new needlfish plugs, but none of them seem to be what I (think I) want. I have been told that a slow sinking needle plug is what you are after, so that you can twitch it along slowly, stop and have it sink slightly tail down.

I have found that the Gibb's needles sink at different rates, some even float. I bought a Hab's that sinks like a rock, and a black plastic one that also sinks quite fast.

On a recent Gibbs, I drilled out the lead (near the front of the plug)to make it sink slower, but now it sinks in an almost vertical fashion. I could not locate any lead in the back, and I am assuming that it is the weight of the hardware that is pulling it down in the back. Perhaps I should try a smaller hook on the back, but this seems like a compromise.

After taking the lead out of the Habs, it still sinks quite fast, perhaps 4-5 inches/second, also in a tail down fashion. This is a shorter plug (-2.5") than the standard Gibbs, so perhaps there is just not enought bouyancy for the heavy SS through wire and hooks. Beautifully made plug, other than the sink rate.

Any suggestions out there on where to look, and what is the "ideal" float situation for fishing these plugs slowly.


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